New Webhost!

February 13, 2014

Learning how to use a new webhost after the last one went offline / broke up without a word to their clients. :P

I’m with bluehost now and moved both my domains to point where my page is now so you can reach me through one of these domains: http://www.bluegirlgraphics.com or the normal domain: http://www.elledeegee.net

I should have my site up and working soon. I just got FTP to work correctly so it will make things easier. :)

In the meantime, you can visit my art sites for new and classic artworks by moi:

Thanks for visiting!



25% off Prints from Deviant art!

July 30, 2013

25% off all prints from Deviant Art shops until August 2nd.



I’m now on See.Me and Open Prints

July 28, 2013

I just added my artworks to See.Me and I like that they have an “automatic” support system there for fans to donate if they like your portfolio.

You can find my page here: http://elledeegee.see.me  Please donate if you like my artwork and photography.

I’ve also added some of my prints / photos to Open Prints. You can visit my page here: http://www.openprints.com/elledeegee/


I’m hoping to update my sites and art works soon.

My day job schedule changed so I work actual days now and I’m still adjusting to the change.

I should have some new stuff up soon!

Thanks for your patronage! :D


A New Year… A Whole Day Down

January 8, 2013


I’ve never really been one to invest in anything but then I tend to not have the money to invest in things. Now that I am an adult and can make my own choices, have a job that pays me reasonably I have given little bits of money when I can for things I like. I don’t do it often unless I’m truly interested in the subject I’ve decided to take the pledge for.

Since joining twitter just over a year ago, I’ve found some of the most interesting people around and one of them has a very humorous and fun original series online called “Whole Day Down.” Tai Fauci has created a unique web series you just have to see. She picked a great ensemble of actors to star in it including Willie Garson (Sex in the City, White Collar), Patrick Breen, and Eliza Donavan (Clueless.) You can catch the first season for Whole Day Down online.

The second season of this series is in need of backers. If you like what you see, Please visit Whole Day Down’s Kickstarter  campaign and help make a new season possible with your donation. Every donation gets a gift so check out the site to see what you can get for backing this unique project.


Greeting Card Universe – EXTRA 20% off your order!

November 15, 2012

Order 5+ cards, save an extra 20%!

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Sandy Claws is coming to town…


Check out my shop for cards and feel free to suggest an idea for cards. I customize designs and will create a design just for you!


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50% off Cards from Zazzle!

November 2, 2012

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Santa Kokopelli Desert Christmas Card
Santa Kokopelli Desert Christmas Card by elledeegee
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Snow Tiger Christmas Card
Snow Tiger Christmas Card by elledeegee
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Stained Glass Christmas Tree Greeting Card
Stained Glass Christmas Tree Greeting Card by elledeegee
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A different kind of art – Robot

October 16, 2012

Back in 2000 give or take a year, I found out about Anime. I had known about it for some time but never had any major interest in it until I had gotten a whiff of Sailor Moon. I know, that’s the silliest one of all but if you read the books and really get into the story beyond the animated storyline, it’s not half bad. Well getting into Anime, I became obsessed with looking up Japanese things of a generally fun nature online like flash games and such. One of the sites (now defunct) that I loved was Shockwave Japan. They had some very fun games and interactive cartoons. The one I remember best in the cartoon section was something called Tabibito. The company that worked on it was Robot.

I got an inkling they were a kind of multimedia company that did everything from animation to interactive sites. I didn’t get too into their company’s background seeing the info was all in Japanese but I kept up with the whole Tabibito animation and was sad I couldn’t buy their video of it with extras. It was only for Japan and no english subs.

Coming to the present, I was cleaning out my tons of bookmarks I’ve collected for the past 10 years. Had the same file and keep adding to it so I thought there must be a few dead sites or links in the mix. As I cleaned them up I found an old link to the Robot site. It wasn’t working but the main site was and that’s where I found a very cute project they created. Not sure of the reason behind it but it’s called Tunagaru no Uta (Connection Song.) It’s a very cute song (wish I had lyrics to learn it) and there is an English translation of the song on their site but what’s very cool about this project is the video part. All I can think to relate it to is a family trip to Epcot when I was 15 and we saw the China exhibit. They had a very cool IMAX type interactive movie where you were in a circular room and as you looked ahead at the front screen you had a first person view of a man riding on a bike through a Chinese city. If you turned around, the back screen has the view you just left from the front view. It was amazing to me at the time and I was fascinated by the concept.

Robot had done something very similar on their site with Tunagaru no Uta. I won’t spoil it but please go see the site for yourself, turn up the volume, click play and watch the screen. It’s very cool and fun what happens. I am not a coder (beyond basic HTML) but this just made me smile and feel all giddy but I like things like this that are unexpected.

Let me know what you think. I found it one of the more impressive projects I’ve seen on sites online and have been trying to share it with as many people as I can.



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