Greeting Card Universe…

October 10, 2007

I was directed to this site from another place I commonly put art at online.

GCU is actually a pretty nice site where artists post art for greeting cards that are for sale from the site. Artists get a discount for buying their own cards should they wish to do so. Also the site gets alot of feedback from visitors to what sorts of cards they are looking for which helps artists know what audience to make their art for.

I’m not familiar with the commissions yet as I haven’t had many clicks, sold any cards or added too many designs. I haven’t even really pushed my shop other than putting a link in my mercado section of my site. I was just curious mostly how it worked but I think in general I like sites like Zazzle and Cafepress just for the wider ranger of products you can design for.

Overall it’s a good site with an active community on it’s forums. I need to get more into forums but I have never been much of a forum person. I prefer the activeness of IMs, chatting, or email.

Check it out if you want to get your art on cards and sell it.




  1. What commissions are you talking about. Isn’t this supposed to be about information? Are you one of those fly-by-night greeting card companies? I dealt with a site online 3 years ago, that made knock-offs of hallmark cards. After looking like a jackass to peers, I reported them to the fcc, and only shop are cardsdirect.com.

  2. No this site isn’t a scam. I do not work for the site, I just sell my own designs throught it. So far I don’t see any problems with the site. The commissions to artists are small but it is a nice place to join to see what kinds of art sells on cards if you are an artist or photographer.

    I only endorse sites I’ve personally tried or are members of and have had no issues with. This is my own personal opinion. Check sites out to see what you want to do for yourself. 😀


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