Do you like Sci-fi?

October 27, 2007

An online acquaintance of mine, Michael Penner wrote me today. Apparently he’s posted on Craig’s list about his new endeavor to help those who like Sci-fi (Science Fiction) writing and artistry get together with other likeminded people. He’s come up with a new site for those who would like to openly share, critique and otherwise join in the creation of new Sci-fi novels and art. The site is called “Nova Minds.”

I think it’s a great idea. I know in the past he wanted to have a place for people to post their art and stories for our own fan community if not beyond. He got busy as everyone does and now he’s been able to get back to his original idea to help share artistry and writings online. Those of us in the Myst fan community remember his association with both Cyan Worlds and Gordon Currie during the “Rivenguild” era. Mike created a number of fan songs that people still associate with Myst and those early days when URU wasn’t even yet in beta. He also posted quite a bit of 3D art on his old site back in the day. Those were good days. 😀

I’ll post a link to the associated sites for Nova Minds on my blogroll soon and art site.

That’s all the news for now!



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