Beading frenzy

October 29, 2007

I don’t know what it is… maybe I’m just realizing I like hands on sorts of things and I miss that but I went to this Jewelry local meetup on Sunday and OMG!!! … I just so want to do this now! I went home and rested and did laundry and then got online and looked up all sorts of things concerning patterns and ways to do the Peyote Stitch. I had alot of fun learning that stitch and the instructor let us take the needles and such home after the lesson, so that was cool. I can actually practice. 😀

I’m just a bit disappointed with the designs I found online. They’re like bad bitmap images done in MSPaint. I was like “eeeew” I wouldnt’ make much less wear that design if I was paid to. A few patterns were really well done but I need to make my own stuff once I figure out how to get better and just get me a space to work in. I think I could make some cash off this if I tried. Maybe do some D’ni based designs or something. 😀

I’m going to look up beading online. See what sorts of beads they have and colors. I’m feeling a bit excited about looking stuff up about beading today. Not sure why. LOL



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