Styling at Wine Styles this Saturday…

November 2, 2007

Hana no Otona postage stamp

This is supposed to be the “last” of our art shows at WineStyles for the year. I’m hoping to print out some stuff tomorrow night if I can get Printshop to act nicely. It’s been stupid since I tried to install the newer copy. I thought I had it all fixed and it’s being a dork. I try and add text, it promptly crashes. 😛 I really like the program if I can get it to work. I bought an updated copy but it was just way too much to install so I uninstalled and put in the old one and now the old one is being an idiot. I’m so dependent on that stupid program. I should break down and get Publisher but not sure if I have to get Office with it too. The University sells it for cheap but I’m still leery about having to get Office with it. I really just need certain stuff like PowerPoint and maybe Publisher… I really don’t have a need for Word or Excel at the moment much less something like Access.

I want to print out Christmas type cards on my paper. I have lots of greeting card paper and those 4 fold cards and such. I want to make some little sets off the computer and then sell them at WineStyles. I may even do some stickers and envelopes. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I only have till Saturday and my computer is being an idiot.

I’m still a little tiffed I did all these new stamps for the Zazzle shop I have and then found out it made them all “private” products. 😡 I wanted them public and it said “sell in shop” so I thought I was doing it the right way. The updates to their site makes everything more confusing with all the changes. Plus they were down a whole day on Tuesday and part of Wednesday getting it updated. At least now they have the option you can change your profit margin from 10% up to 50% of the price. They also have a “remove product” option so if you want to get rid of something, you can! No more mailing item numbers to their support team. Talk about making things hard and now they finally they have it semi user friendly and easy as well as more profitable. 😀

Zazzle also has a sale right now for their stamps.

Free Shipping on Custom Postage!

Enter code FREESHIPSTMP at checkout for free shipping on three or more sheets (sheets of 20)

I’m going to have to redo all those stamps I did for the public shop. I think the problem was their picture server was down or busy and I went the other way around to make the items. If I could have gone the regular way, I’d have had all these new stamps in my store. 😛

So that’s it I guess. I need to redo those stamps so I can take advantage of the holiday season coming up. I just wish I could change private items to public. Would be useful. 😛



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