November 3, 2007

So I went to WineStyles today… and nobody was there!!! Apparently someone changed the meeting time to 11 am but didn’t inform anyone else. So nobody showed up for the last art show of the year at that locale and by noon or so they had all gone, the few of those I guess who showed… Atleast that’s what the girl at WineStyles told me. 😦 So that means I stayed up printing out new business cards and samples and stuff to pass around for “Nothing!!!” UGH!!! I’m already sort of in a pissy mood for other reasons but this just topped it off. Plus this was supposed to be our opportunity to get stuff to one of the organizers for some art event happening on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t go cause I work and I can’t take off for it since unlike my other coworkers, I only really take off for one vacation a year, major holidays and important stuff like if I was sick or someone died. I don’t call in sick then go do “gigs” elsewhere. I really don’t want to lose my day job.

Well to keep this art-oriented and change it from pissed to not so pissed, I went to the Chinese markets and Japanese market and bought me some candies and stuff. I think I buy most of those Asian candies and such because the packaging is just so “kawaii (cute).” I mean it’s made to catch the eye and keep it and get those little asian kids to go “Okasan!!! (Mother) I want Okashi!!! (candy)” 😀 So yeah I bought a lot of that due to the prettiness of the packaging and past experience with some of the brands and candies. I have to say the Japanese know how to make candy awful purty like. 😀

I’m going back to sleep. I’m cranky and tired and I have nothing else going on today. That WineStyles thing was my big event and it was a bust. 😦



One comment

  1. .Aaaargh… now that’s a pain in the @r53…

    And I’ve never seen any Japanese candy – got any pictures? Sounds cool though

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