One of my favorite Artists…

November 7, 2007

Actually one of my faves is a comedian. And she does comedy, that’s her art form. Her name is Carol Burnett. I figured she is an artist and always had the gift of timing. Plus if you look at your local PBS channel, they are having a great American Masters program about her life and biography. They interview her, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway among others. It’s a great documentary on her life and how she was born here in San Antonio. Plus it seemed so appropriate they had that show the other night since I recently heard they are moving her old family home / birthplace to a new locale and are going to turn it into some kind of learning center. I found that really interesting.

So anyhow, check out PBS for American Masters and the special on Carol Burnett. It was really good and showed a great deal of her talent and how she came to be the person she is. 😀



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