Black Friday approacheth Dear Artists…

November 20, 2007

Well as any other artist thinks, I want to get something that will continue or expand my current artistic endeavors. As I am a “digital” artist, I’d love to get a laptop one of these days so I can do my art on the move; The most I might be able to afford this year is a new digital camera to pursue my love of photography. Speaking of which, check out the Casio Exilim. I saw it listed at Target at a reasonable price but my curiousity got me to look at the main site.

Apparently they list this camera with “YouTube Capture Mode” which piqued my interest and disgust of fads a bit. I mean is this really necessary? Most people know enough to download their images and movies directly to the computer and then up to wherever they need to. Do we really need more crappily taken movies placed on the net with a direct mode? It just defies the mind. I admit being a Youtube fan and daily visitor but still I find this addition to the Exilim rather cheesy and not all that necessary.

Other than that, I ordered some copies of my own cards from Zazzle as samples. They apparently showed up last weekend around the 12th but I haven’t received them yet. Seems one of the “not so friendly” customer service people in my apt complex offices signed for the package and it’s been lost. I have been told there “is” no package for me other than the one I know just showed up today. If they gave it to someone else I guess it’s not a big deal but I spent money on those cards. I am not a rich person in the least. To make things worse, I suspect one of my stupid neighbors may have stolen the note for the UPS slip or it flew away and it was claimed by another individual. I hope they were sorely disappointed to find it wasn’t anything valuable. I just want my damn cards I used my poor earnings from selling online to buy.

I guess that’s it for my art rant today. Getting over a nasty cold. Hopefully I won’t feel so crappy on Tuesday. I work 4 pm till 2 am… can you say… FUN FUN FUN (sarcastic tone.)

I’ll be leaving early on Thursday for my hometown to visit the family. I will take lots of pics as is possible. I’m sure my cousin’s girl has grown. She is the only baby right now. LOL She was also in an ad for the local big grocery chain. Her mom with help from my brother did it so he got a bit of the profits I think from the contest. It was a really good remake of “16 Candles” but with kids. It was so cute. πŸ˜€

Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!




  1. I had the same thing happen heh, sucks. Oh well good luck with things and stay positive. Are you on artwanted?

  2. Sorry… I should read my blog more often.
    I did finally get my package and yes I’m on artwanted. πŸ˜€

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