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Año del raton! (Year of the Rat)

December 11, 2007

Yep… this next year is the year of the rat. Apparently it’s my sign for the Chinese calendar despite most of the sites saying for some reason that I am an Ox (not literally, but you know what I mean :P)

So to celebrate the year of the rat, I drew this pic:

Geisha Year of the Rat

It’s for sale at my Zazzle shop. 😀 Check it out!

I hope everyone has a happy holidays and very merry new year!



Last minute Holiday cards and presents

December 8, 2007

Need some last minute cards and presents? Why not visit my stores for ideas on holiday gifts or to get your holiday cards?

Holiday cards:

Blue Girl @ Zazzle
Blue Girl @ Cafepress
Blue Girl @ Greeting Card Universe


Blue Girl Mercado

If you want personalization, tell me asap. The season’s are almost upon us!
Happy Holidays all!

Happy Holidays from Blue Girl Graphics