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Copyright issues…

January 31, 2008

For those of you out there that publish your photos or art at Photobucket and other sites like Deviantart, some of you have experience with art theft. Here is another case of a site that unfortunately creates an atmosphere for art theft:

This link goes to the Photobucket section of Polyvore. Polyvore is apparently a site that allows members to create their own collages from images and upload them. Although their site obvious states “use your own images” several members insist on borrowing / stealing art of others and ruining it in ugly tacky collages.

If you have photos or art at Photobucket and Deviantart , check out that site to be sure your photos and artwork haven’t been stolen. They also seem to steal directly from people’s websites too. It’s pathetic how people think JUST because images are online, they must be free. At least ask permission to use something. If it’s not your art… DON’T USE IT!!!



Qassia… what is this?

January 23, 2008

I was wondering that same thing when an online acquaintance referred me. I’m still a bit in the dark but I’m getting an inkling as to what the site is about. appears to be an ad revenue sharing site that involves people joining up to share their personal sites and information on various topics. Every time you add a personal site (they insist you have permission to add sites) you get a certain percentage of virtual revenue to use to pay for your ads online. They also pass this along to any sites you may already have joined such as Google Adsense. The amount of hits and referrers (haven’t tried this bit yet) as well as how interesting people rate your original news articles that you’ve written adds up to virtual ad revenue from Qassia and is split as you decide between your listed pages. So far I’ve managed to acquire close to $450 Quassia dollars for ad revenue.

The site is still in Beta so I’m still trying to figure out exactly what their purpose is and how it works. They seem to be trying to run a kind of virtual advertising budget that helps to get people out in the forefront with help by their online peers and draw traffic to member sites through this same peer system. I just like seeing how things are and what they are for if they’re helping to advertise sites. Plus it’s free and you can quit when you like.

Check it out for yourself… don’t take my word for it.



Year of the Rat revisited

January 8, 2008

I’ve since drawn another image to celebrate this year’s animal: The rat. So if you are into the Chinese horoscope, check this out:


You can buy a copy of this at my Zazzle shop. Thanks for looking!