Art Contest Galore!

February 23, 2008

I’m not a professional artist by far. I think I’m good but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a pro. I guess I haven’t gotten that conceit yet. I’ve known many an artist type, student etc who did have it and sometimes they rightly have it as they are very talented and some of them you’re like “uhm… sure… if you say so.” ;P

So as confident as I am in some ways with my art, I have been trying to come up with an idea for this one site called Momiji. They are asking people to contribute a new doll idea. Their dolls remind me of the old clothes pin dolls… the old big wooden clothes pins that don’t snap… the ones that had a big wooden ball type head and just clipped like a paper clip does. They probably don’t sell those type anymore as people have taken to the clippy ones that snap. So I am trying to make a doll and have gone through so many incarnation I don’t know what to do. I need to decide soon though. The contest ends in March but you have to have had people vote on yours to qualify at all I think.

Other than that, I have subbed to a great many free newsletters or have been spammed with a few good ones off and on that give me updates on online contests. The only problem I have is I feel intimidated if they’re open enough. I know I’ll have to compete against someone who’s probably better than me or has atleast some art school degree or something. I just have my natural talent and alot of work at making it better on my own to push me fwd. I’d love to take art classes but my folks always seemed dead set against it. I didn’t show the talent my brother did. He did alot of drawing, illustration and other more traditional art. I did stuff but I hadn’t really started to shine till I found digital mediums like Photoshop to play with. Now my mom is really happy with my art but then my brother isn’t there to compete with much on that front anymore. I wish he would atleast try. He was always really good at drawing and everything else. I think he’d profit by getting online and trying his luck at stockart or other such things.

I should sleep… gawd it’s late!

Wish me luck on the art contests.

I’m going to need it!



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