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Big Brother comes to Fotolia

March 20, 2008

Maybe that’s a little harsh but this is why I’ve chosen this title for my blog today:

Fotolia has always been a pretty good site and I had no major issues with it over all. I’ve only been a member since 2006, but it was fun to get an idea what people liked out of my illustrations. The pay wasn’t too great with them selling stuff for a Buck and me getting .33 cents a sale. I’m lucky I made anything at all from the site (less than a 100 bucks in the almost 3 yrs I’ve been there.)

Well today I thought I’d transfer over what little meager funds I had in the Fotolia account to my Paypal. I hit the convert credits to dollars button and got this: “All contributers must upload an image of your govt issues id or passport to process funds.” I was like “WTF!!!???” Cause up till now I hadn’t heard a damn thing about this. When did this happen?!? I know they’re based in Europe but this was news to me. I also noticed somehow my account is set up to NOT get the newsletters and I know I was getting them in the past. I never changed that option so I find that odd.

So I wrote them through support and they sent me the email for their “U.S.” liason. I wrote him and he tells me “oh yeah that’s our new policy so that we can fight theft, fraud and just get to know you a little better.” Mind you… they already have my social because every site just about now requires that if you want to sell anything. I just think that it’s ludicrous to require more than that. Giving out your social is risky at best unless you know the site is safe and I knew they were safe but this whole “govt id / passport” requirement has got me up in arms and angry. Plus I just want my $15 bucks or a good portion of it and I’ll just leave. I earned it fair and square. I’ve already deleted all my files. I don’t want them using my stuff w/o my permission if I’m quitting… and I am.

So that is why I chose my title. I think it fits just right especially after what a friend of mine who used to work for the U.S. govt told me. I won’t go into details but it fits the situation.

Anyhow… I guess I just have to wait and see what they say. They, of all the sites I sell at, are somehow lacking in a “delete my account” option. Didn’t they think someone “may” just want to leave? Seems strange…



Imagekind ROCKS!

March 11, 2008


I have to say the people at Imagekind are a great bunch of people!

I bought a framed print of my own work (my “year of the rat” series as a dual print, single frame) and it came out beautiful! The only issue I had was that the frame was slightly marred. Normally I wouldn’t have too much of an issue but since it is my own work and I might consider selling it later on (kind of why I bought it / assessing how their service is) I let them know the frame had problems.

Tasha was the main person I chatted with both on the phone and in email. She was very professional and friendly and sent me a call slip to send my frame back after they assessed damage from the photos I sent. I got the call slip in good time, printed it out and was able to have FedEX pick it up from my apt and deliver it back. In about a week (Today) I got another framed print of the same item back! I was very surprised and very happy with their quick turn around. This new frame and print is perfectly framed and matted.

If you need something printed and framed, Imagekind is the place to go. They are a top-notch company!

If you are interested in this print (it is for sale) Please contact me for more information.