Imagekind ROCKS!

March 11, 2008


I have to say the people at Imagekind are a great bunch of people!

I bought a framed print of my own work (my “year of the rat” series as a dual print, single frame) and it came out beautiful! The only issue I had was that the frame was slightly marred. Normally I wouldn’t have too much of an issue but since it is my own work and I might consider selling it later on (kind of why I bought it / assessing how their service is) I let them know the frame had problems.

Tasha was the main person I chatted with both on the phone and in email. She was very professional and friendly and sent me a call slip to send my frame back after they assessed damage from the photos I sent. I got the call slip in good time, printed it out and was able to have FedEX pick it up from my apt and deliver it back. In about a week (Today) I got another framed print of the same item back! I was very surprised and very happy with their quick turn around. This new frame and print is perfectly framed and matted.

If you need something printed and framed, Imagekind is the place to go. They are a top-notch company!

If you are interested in this print (it is for sale) Please contact me for more information.




  1. So that’s what FedEx was picking up 😉 I guess it was worth having your sleep disturbed over. Sounds pretty good, pity they don’t do UK without a major delivery fee…

  2. […] site to go and get nice prints framed or otherwise. You can check out my previous post about my buying my own print framed. It was a good […]

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