Big Brother comes to Fotolia

March 20, 2008

Maybe that’s a little harsh but this is why I’ve chosen this title for my blog today:

Fotolia has always been a pretty good site and I had no major issues with it over all. I’ve only been a member since 2006, but it was fun to get an idea what people liked out of my illustrations. The pay wasn’t too great with them selling stuff for a Buck and me getting .33 cents a sale. I’m lucky I made anything at all from the site (less than a 100 bucks in the almost 3 yrs I’ve been there.)

Well today I thought I’d transfer over what little meager funds I had in the Fotolia account to my Paypal. I hit the convert credits to dollars button and got this: “All contributers must upload an image of your govt issues id or passport to process funds.” I was like “WTF!!!???” Cause up till now I hadn’t heard a damn thing about this. When did this happen?!? I know they’re based in Europe but this was news to me. I also noticed somehow my account is set up to NOT get the newsletters and I know I was getting them in the past. I never changed that option so I find that odd.

So I wrote them through support and they sent me the email for their “U.S.” liason. I wrote him and he tells me “oh yeah that’s our new policy so that we can fight theft, fraud and just get to know you a little better.” Mind you… they already have my social because every site just about now requires that if you want to sell anything. I just think that it’s ludicrous to require more than that. Giving out your social is risky at best unless you know the site is safe and I knew they were safe but this whole “govt id / passport” requirement has got me up in arms and angry. Plus I just want my $15 bucks or a good portion of it and I’ll just leave. I earned it fair and square. I’ve already deleted all my files. I don’t want them using my stuff w/o my permission if I’m quitting… and I am.

So that is why I chose my title. I think it fits just right especially after what a friend of mine who used to work for the U.S. govt told me. I won’t go into details but it fits the situation.

Anyhow… I guess I just have to wait and see what they say. They, of all the sites I sell at, are somehow lacking in a “delete my account” option. Didn’t they think someone “may” just want to leave? Seems strange…




  1. Did they ever respond to this? I just tried to convert 60 bucks and got the passport issue as well. I emailed them saying I want to redeem it without scanning my passport. Waiting for their response. If they require it, I’m just going to delete all my files too.

    • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I ended up trying to give them my id and see if I could add my stuff back since I was making a bit of cash. Their server didn’t let me add anything back saying it was too similar to things already there. But I gave them a kind crappy version of my ID just enough they could see it was me but not enough to be usable for ID theft. I guess I sold out in that regard just to test a theory but it didn’t work out. I’m lucky I ever sell anything there anymore. It’s up to you if you want to cash out. They’re alot more picky now about their content so it’s harder to get stuff accepted.

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