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New Art Contest online…

April 17, 2008

I don’t think this qualifies as a real art contest, I think it’s more of a promotional site that pays for quality artworks.

Comozo Art Contest asks for illustrators and artists to send in their designs. Once received they judge either through the site (or other means) how popular a piece is and then award the chosen a limited print edition contract (200 in the edition) to print said artwork as a high quality canvas giclée prints. Chosen artist receives a set of 200 “certificates of authenticity” to sign and return for said artwork.

Sounds like a pretty good deal in my opinion and they seem to pay pretty well up to US  $4600 or $3000 Euros. It’s a European site, I think french from the sound of it, and seems to be all and all legit. Heck who wouldn’t mind making up to that kind of cash from a sale of 200 limited edition prints?!? I know I wouldn’t mind much.



Orphan works – Should I be worried?

April 14, 2008

Here’s a good link to what this seems to be about: Orphan Works.

It seems this is about your works being stolen should someone try to contact you, can’t and after waiting a reasonable amount of time can claim your work and use it how they wish. Seems unfair to me if this is a new way for people to screw you out of your artworks or other creations. Lucky for me… I haven’t NOT gotten rid of any of my original emails so if someone is honestly trying to contact me about an art work I have listed, they should reasonably be able to get in contact with me. I check all my original and new email accounts atleast once a week or more.

So … fyi!



I’ve been publish… sort of

April 13, 2008

Check this out: Schmaps Guide Online.

Someone contacted me through Flickr that they liked my photo so I checked out the site. Looks legit enough so I went ahead and let them use it.

I’m also tempted to try another site I found that sends books to children in countries who are trying to learn English. All illustrations are contributed freely and there is no profit made. All non-profit. I think I could do it but I have to see what they have available. 😀

Other than that… nothing much new on the art scene. I’ve been adding a few new things to sites here and there.



Prickie goes on vacation

April 4, 2008

Unfortunately I received an email from today saying they were going to shut down shop for a bit. They’re low on funding, so for now Prickie will become a gallery of badge art. They will not be selling any button badges while they figure out what’s going to happen. I’m hoping they will be able to get funding and come back up as a shop. I guess for now I will have to sell buttons from my zazzle and cafepress shops. *shrugs*

I do still have some buttons from Prickie I bought a while back when I made some cash off Ebay. Spent my earnings on buttons thinking I’d sell them then never had a chance to. 😦 I think I’ve managed to sell two when I used to go to the local Graphic Designer Meetups. Too bad all the local meetups seem to become either inconvenient for me to get to or they end up closing up and disappearing. Just a bad market here in my area for clubs and such that don’t involve something like dogs, cats, divorcee’s or something really bizarre like pagan worship. That’s how it is in a small big city (yes I meant to say that… we’re a big city with a small city mind set.) 😛



Haru no Onna – The Spring Maiden

April 1, 2008

Here is a pretty good example of what I can do when I’m bored enough and play with photoshop:


This was prepped by me removing the background by hand. I really need to find how to use more shortcuts and such. At this point the image is ready to be manipulated but only the bare minimum has been done by removing the background.


After some work and probably a good hour or so of work, this is the end result. It’s nowhere near perfect but it’s 100% better than what I had and much brighter colorwise. I even added the background as if she were outside along with some layered shadows. Makes me think of a shadowbox or something.

This item is for sale as the final product at my Deviantart and Zazzle shops.