Prickie goes on vacation

April 4, 2008

Unfortunately I received an email from Prickie.com today saying they were going to shut down shop for a bit. They’re low on funding, so for now Prickie will become a gallery of badge art. They will not be selling any button badges while they figure out what’s going to happen. I’m hoping they will be able to get funding and come back up as a shop. I guess for now I will have to sell buttons from my zazzle and cafepress shops. *shrugs*

I do still have some buttons from Prickie I bought a while back when I made some cash off Ebay. Spent my earnings on buttons thinking I’d sell them then never had a chance to. 😦 I think I’ve managed to sell two when I used to go to the local Graphic Designer Meetups. Too bad all the local meetups seem to become either inconvenient for me to get to or they end up closing up and disappearing. Just a bad market here in my area for clubs and such that don’t involve something like dogs, cats, divorcee’s or something really bizarre like pagan worship. That’s how it is in a small big city (yes I meant to say that… we’re a big city with a small city mind set.) πŸ˜›



One comment

  1. That really sucks! You might want to take a look at http://www.lollypins.com they seem to have popped up from nowhere! πŸ™‚

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