Blue Girl Graphics Asian Art book

September 19, 2008
Blue Girl Asia Hardcover Book
Blue Girl Asia Hardcover Book

I received my copy of the book I ordered from Shutterfly and it’s absolutely beautiful. I meant to post some pics here today with this post but at this time I need to find a better cleaner way to take pics w/o getting as much clutter in the background. So for now… enjoy a virtual tour (this is as good as holding the book!)

Let me know what you think. If I get enough interest, I will have hard copies available for sale.


PS 9/23/08: Just noticed my virtual book link isn’t working anymore. I wonder if the share link they sent me is only good for a few days or a few viewings. For those interested in viewing the book, I will put up an animated copy of the slide show of the book. I will also put up a still picture view for those who may not like animation. Sometimes, I wish I knew how to do flash but then half of you’d get mad cause not everyone has updated flash plug-ins. LOL For those in the latter category (myself included) is mostly why I like to keep my sites and blogs as simply coded as I possibly can. 😀 Too much “flash”y stuff and you start losing track of the real purpose of the page. Makes it pretty but sometimes it makes it pretty darn irritating. ;P



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