New Chinese New Year Cards @ Zazzle!

October 10, 2008

I have two new designs for Chinese New Year’s at my Zazzle shop.

In association with Zazzle.com In association with Zazzle.com

The first is a Lucky Crane with the FU (Chinese for Luck) symbol upside down (supposedly luckier that way from what I read online) and a Lucky Rabbit faux gold leaf card with the same background. I’m guessing FU is like the equivalent of the “Lucky Horse Shoe” over a door. Apparently they post images of the FU just to have it there for luck.

I’m hoping to make more of this style with different designs. The faux gold leaf coloring I think gives it a more elegant look. Please feel free to let me know what you think of my designs. I don’t get much feedback and I’d love to see what people think. Requests are always welcomed. 😀

DON’T FORGET… Until October 31st you can get “FIVE FREE” greeting or note cards through Zazzle. You only pay shipping and tax. This is a great way to see what designs work for your holiday or everyday greetings! Use Coupon Code: 5FREECARDS at checkout to get this deal!



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