Mt Dew Design the Bottle Contest

October 22, 2008

If you are a member of Deviantart or have roamed the net, you may have seen a “design the dew” bottle link. I don’t think the “Official” site is actually doing any sort of contest but I know it lets you design a bottle for fun. Deviantart is letting members created a memorable and unique bottle design. They have good prizes too. 😀 I’ve already submitted several designs you can see here. If you are a member, please look at my designs. If you submit one, let me know and I will look at yours. I don’t know if votes and traffic help as it says they have judges so popularity may not play a part in the contest. Still I’d like to get opinions on my entries if you have a moment.

Oh just one thing… if you are under 18 or are sensitive to certain things… this site may not be for you. My area is Rated G… but other areas can be a bit more “mature” which is unfortunate if you decided to look around for something normal. Just a friendly warning and FYI.



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