Portrait Photography

November 7, 2008

As those of you who know me fairly well know, I am a night person. Well I went to bed rather late last night and today was awoken by three separate calls I let the answering machine take. One was from someone who found me or is a member of SAVA and was asking if I did portrait photography.

My current digital camera is great but for professional prints it’s not the best camera to use when doing portraits or other nice things. I do have a have a SLR film camera which I used to take some model headshots a few years back at a Teen and Kid’s shoot through both “Austin Model and Talent Agency” and a local photography meet-up group. The pictures came out pretty good I think, for the amateur that I am, and I honestly wanted to take more shots but haven’t had the opportunity. I have tried to take shots of my cousin’s little girl over time although she wiggles around way too much for an 9 year old so most of my best shots of her are from when she was alot younger.

I’m going to call this individual back and see what kind of portraits they are looking for and if I can feasibly perform the function of professional photographer. Plus since I’ll be using actual film, I will have to take into account the cost of developing film, buying film, and having it turned into a photo disc among other things. I really love the ease of digital photography but to buy an SLR digi-cam is more than the film cam my brother bought me.

Honestly, I could really use this as a side thing if I can handle it. Would be a fun weekend venture I could try for much needed extra cash. I’ve even got my film camera with me at the moment at work but the batteries died so I’ve gotta get some film and batteries before I can think about doing anything else.

Anyhow… that was my first real art discussion on here that didn’t involve hawking a sale or otherwise advertising my digital illustrations. I’d really be happy to hear any opinions about this and maybe even a suggestion about fair pricing, etc. I never know what to charge for things but I don’t want to charge alot when I’m just starting out. I feel price should reflect the experience and worth of the work over time.

What do you think?



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