Artistic bummage

November 10, 2008

The lady who called about taking portraits wasn’t looking for me… apparently there is another artist in that group with my same name. (sigh) Figures… I have the most common name in the known world especially here in the south. Plus my only camera I can use to take decent pictures died as of Friday. 😦 Going to get my brother the whiz kid to look at it when I go home for the holidays.

Other than that, setting up my shops for holiday things and gifts. Please check my site out and go to the mercado section. I’m also going to try using some water color pencils and see what I can do with them. Been a while since I used traditional media.

I’m also playing with a makeshift loom and learning to do some weaving. I am getting the hang of weaving but tying it up in the end and making it stay tied is the trick. Anyone got any tips?



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