Chinese New Year comes early!

January 27, 2009

I hadn’t realized till this past weekend that Monday was Chinese New Year already! You can still buy cards, tees and other items related to Year of the Ox and other Chinese zodiac animals from my Zazzle shop.

The funny thing about this Chinese New Year’s is that I was able to briefly watch the official broadcast “from” China when I was visiting a favorite Asian market on Sunday. They were showing it via satellite and I was really fascinated by this one girl who sang a beautiful song with girls in the background pretending to be the grasslands at  sunset. It was just so pretty! Afterwards they showed some people in shadow starting to clog like Riverdance. I was like “OMG Chinese like to clog?” and then they showed the faces of the dancers and they were Irish!!! I was just dumbfounded in a “Wow! They don’t just show traditional Chinese dances during New Years?!?” It just blew my mind. 😀

You can visit the CCTV site online and view some of the vids of their show while it’s online. They also had a “send a new years wish” page where you have a chance to win a secret prize. I recommend looking through the China version of the site. The English site had some interesting things but didn’t link to half as much as the Chinese language one did.

I should be adding some more Valentines’ Day goods pretty soon. If you have ideas for Valentines’ Day items or designs, throw me line.



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