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Save on Tees at Zazzle!

February 24, 2009

This week only!

$4 off custom t-shirts at Zazzle.




Greeting Card Universe – Free Shipping!

February 19, 2009

Buy 10 or more cards from “greeting card universe” and receive “free shipping” on your order!

Use Promo Code FEBSHIP2009 during checkout – Offer ends February 23rd



Thinking about Business Cards?

February 16, 2009

Since someone I know was talking about business cards the other day, I told her of some places I have gotten cards at to help her out.
They have the best deal in that you can choose the size of the card (mini, business, chubby.) If you’re a shopkeeper, you get an automatic discount (usually your royalty rate) + shopkeeper / member deals. It’s free to join, you can put whatever you want on your card (front & back) and right now it’s 50% off any size pack if you buy before Feb 28th, 2009. You can choose from either your own designs (being a shopkeeper / member) or choose from the myriad designs myself and other artists have placed in our shops. It’s a win win either way! Each pack of cards comes in a small plastic, opaque case with the zazzle logo on it. The profile cards come in a gum style pack that flips them out manually like a stick of gum. For 20 profile cards it’s around $8 bucks; 100 business-sized cards go for about $19; 100 Chubby cards go for about $22;

Chubby Biz Card images:

Profile Biz Card images
When I first went to Moo, it was a few years ago so their choices weren’t as varied as they are now. I got the mini profile cards but now they have business-sized cards as well as books of mini stickers and even postcards! You can even get a fancy felt, leather or hard cover case for your cards to carry them in style from the same place. With the mini profile cards, I got 100 of them in a little box with the Moo logo. It’s handy and the cards are small enough to fit anywhere. I keep mind in my camera case with the digital camera since I always have it with me. For 100 profile cards it’s about $20 bucks.

Moo Profile Cards:

Vista Print
Great products for a cheap price. I spent around $20 + dollars and received a good sized package of personalized “free” items. Among these were: notepads, sticky notes, stamper (some assembly required), a large box of biz cards (use their template or you pay extra) and 10 magnetic 2008 calendars. Overall the quality was pretty good and the stamper especially works like a charm! It’s a cheap way to get started with your business if you need to get cards, stationary or a stamper with your info on it.

Vista Print Goodies:
Magnetic Calendars:

Self-inking Stamper:

Business Card (250 in box)


Sticky Notes:



Dot Photo February Sales

February 13, 2009

Check out the Special offers thru Feb 28th at Dot Photo:


40% off all Greeting Cards

30% off  Posters

25% off Minibooks

Calendars only $15.99

Mousepads only $7.99

Earn a Free EuroBook with your purchase of $50 or more!

Share your Valentine’s Day memories or other fun adventures through photography with these sales. 😀



Deviantart Photo Prints on Sale

February 12, 2009

For a limited time is offering 15% off on all photo prints. Beautiful matte, glossy or lustre finish, professional-quality Kodak Endura prints at their lowest prices this year.

Don’t delay, the sale ends February 19th at 11:59 PM Pacific!


ugougo blog

February 10, 2009

I subbed to a Japanese blog thingie that lets you make simple flash animations.

I finally figured it out and it’s kind of cool.

Check it out:
Under the Sea
Hope you like!



Money and Art

February 10, 2009

How I wish I had the money to have a sub to every art site I’m currently involved with. Would maybe make my life easier but then I’d be alot poorer… and it would sort of defeat the purpose of getting money if I’m spending more than I make. 😦