Thinking about Business Cards?

February 16, 2009

Since someone I know was talking about business cards the other day, I told her of some places I have gotten cards at to help her out.

They have the best deal in that you can choose the size of the card (mini, business, chubby.) If you’re a shopkeeper, you get an automatic discount (usually your royalty rate) + shopkeeper / member deals. It’s free to join, you can put whatever you want on your card (front & back) and right now it’s 50% off any size pack if you buy before Feb 28th, 2009. You can choose from either your own designs (being a shopkeeper / member) or choose from the myriad designs myself and other artists have placed in our shops. It’s a win win either way! Each pack of cards comes in a small plastic, opaque case with the zazzle logo on it. The profile cards come in a gum style pack that flips them out manually like a stick of gum. For 20 profile cards it’s around $8 bucks; 100 business-sized cards go for about $19; 100 Chubby cards go for about $22;

Chubby Biz Card images:

Profile Biz Card images

When I first went to Moo, it was a few years ago so their choices weren’t as varied as they are now. I got the mini profile cards but now they have business-sized cards as well as books of mini stickers and even postcards! You can even get a fancy felt, leather or hard cover case for your cards to carry them in style from the same place. With the mini profile cards, I got 100 of them in a little box with the Moo logo. It’s handy and the cards are small enough to fit anywhere. I keep mind in my camera case with the digital camera since I always have it with me. For 100 profile cards it’s about $20 bucks.

Moo Profile Cards:

Vista Print
Great products for a cheap price. I spent around $20 + dollars and received a good sized package of personalized “free” items. Among these were: notepads, sticky notes, stamper (some assembly required), a large box of biz cards (use their template or you pay extra) and 10 magnetic 2008 calendars. Overall the quality was pretty good and the stamper especially works like a charm! It’s a cheap way to get started with your business if you need to get cards, stationary or a stamper with your info on it.

Vista Print Goodies:
Magnetic Calendars:

Self-inking Stamper:

Business Card (250 in box)


Sticky Notes:



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