Make your own Stickers!

March 22, 2009

I just made my order Wednesday (I think it was) for the Kodak Gallery and I already got them today! I was surprised and amazed that using the USPS is faster (and much cheaper) than UPS. 😛

Other than that… here’s a comparison of all the stickers I’ve bought from three different sites:

1 sheet of 20 customizable stickers. They have borders so they don’t stick to the other stickers around them. The paper is nice and shiny.

1 Sheets of 20 stickers. These are customizable too but I choose one of my simple designs just for an example. These are round and separated by some space on the page so they aren’t sticking together. These are nice and shiny.

Kodak Gallery:
2 sheets per order; 30 total stickers of one design. These are right next to each other, square stickers, the full bleed kind and from the Martha Stewart Collection. I didn’t get the bordered ones or I’d have to choose between holiday or baby type designs as a border. I bought the full bleed ones and they’re nice and shiny. My only complaint is they didn’t put “do not bend” on the outside so the mailman stuck it in my apt box which is big but not that big. They weren’t bent up badly so I don’t have an issue beyond them not using a “do not bend” stamp on the envelope. Everyone else puts that on their packages

Overall, the sticker quality on all three sites is great. I’d have liked to have a choice between the stickers they do have (typical sticker paper) and maybe either a decal version or a see thru seal for envelopes kind of version.



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