Tugging of the Heartstrings…

March 30, 2009


It’s not often I read an email that tugs at my heartstrings, but today I received an email that made me feel elated and brought a glint of tears to my eyes. It made me realize how much art is not just something you make but something you share.

I thank them for writing me and letting me know that my artwork has helped them in a personal way. I think if more artists learned how people were affected positively by their artworks, it would help remind them why they do art.

Some artists might do art just for the money and nothing else but you have to have heart in your work for it to really touch people and to make it believable. Anyone can draw, but a real artist can draw you in. I’ve seen many artists who’s hearts come out in every piece they paint or draw. Some examples of artists I adore and  find have so much love and heart in their works are:  James Guerney (author of the Dinotopia series) and Steve Hanks (watercolor artist.)

Artwork is honest. It comes from within and spreads indiscriminately to the outside world. The public either loves it or they don’t. Everyone has their own personal style or artist they find “speaks” just to them. It’s not just a matter of taste but of feeling and emotion.

Anyway… This email made me realize that my art isn’t only for me but for others. Once I let my “art” loose upon the world, it will find it’s way toddling into many homes. Some will take it in and others will shoo it away to the next potential “home.” I will always own it and love it but others will own it and love it aswell.



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