Wanna make your own “fabric” designs?

April 15, 2009

I’m the kind of internet user who makes really different searches like “Japanese Scrapbooking” on Google to see what comes up. My main reason behind this seemingly odd “Asian” oriented search online was to find freebees like images and pictures they give away for use by visitors who patronize the site.

While searching on this particular subject of scrapbooking from Japan, I found a neat site called “Spoonflower.” They are a company out of North Carolina and  currently in beta. They are what you might call a “diy” online fabric shop. So instead of going to say a box store and buying someone’s random fabric design, you can upload your own designs and have them randomized so that it creates a neat design. You could even just do a single repeat so it shows up enough per yard to make a doll design or puppet.

At the moment they do not let members sell to others for profit but on their site they do state they hope to allow that in the future. You can even get a swatch of fabric with your design to see how it would work for about $5.  I’ve already added a few designs.

Check it out. It’s a neat site and I’ve already found some really nice designs by other people.




  1. i want to make a CKY fabric blanket for my boyfriend for Christmas.

    • i am wanting to try and design my own fabric. never done this. can you offer advise on where to start or programs to get? If you could help and email me I would be sooo appriciative!


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