Cafepress supports Haiti and Unicef

January 14, 2010

I received an email today asking for donations of items off of my shop for the Haiti people. Cafepress is apparently going to make a small shop of various items donated from different shopkeepers and sell the items off to send the proceeds to Unicef. None of the shopkeepers will profit in this and proceeds will go to Unicef and the Haitian people.

I contributed a few designs and hopefully they will get picked and help to send some relief to the people of Haiti.  I did this same thing a few years back and had a design actually chosen by Zazzle that they wanted me to contribute to help the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. I gladly let them use my design especially seeing as it was based off my memories of visiting Nola as a teen.

I’d been to New Orleans way back when and hopefully one of these days I can go back to see what it looks like post Katrina. My parents have been there on a few recent trips and said it looks different from what they remembered of our family roadtrip back in the mid 80s but was coming back to it’s own.

I have a friend online who mentioned she might be working with some charities in Nola. I always like to hear about people who have the gumption to get that kind of thing started.

Anyhow, just thought I’d leave a few thoughts about something newsworthy.


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