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All’s quiet on the Western front.

February 10, 2012

I’ve been trying to be a better blogger and post stuff on here about my shops when there are sales. Work has actually been busy so I don’t have as much time from there and when I get home I have other projects I work on at night so unless it’s a HUGE sale I haven’t been good about posting. Most of the sites seems to be having “flash” sales where they post it at noon (when I’m getting up for work) and say it’s good for the next 4 hours. If I had time to post every sale like that for the four hours etc, I would. Longer sales, I try to post those when I am able.

In other news, made my first REALLY huge sale (or second now that I think about it.) Sold 1000 cards in one sale of one design from my Greeting Card Universe shop. I am so ecstatic! Should have posted sooner since it happened early to middle of January. Made my day definitely to know I’d made such a huge sale. You can see the design here: Blue Girl GCU.

I’ve gotten a new PC so that will help in my output once I get off the writing kick I’m on (fan fiction addict) but long enough to actually draw. I might start doing some more realistic rendered artwork because Daz had Bryce 7 for free so I am willing to try the new copy out. I liked the ancient copy I bought so many years ago 2nd hand and it was fun making scenery and other art in it that was realistic looking. Look fwd to some stuff like that coming your way.

If you know my art, please feel free to contact me about doing custom versions of something already made (some pieces I won’t change but I’m pretty flexible) or new pieces specifically for you or your organization. I’m working on reposting a few older illustrations in larger format and some art I had forgotten I made but is worth sharing.

Ok, then. I guess this is my first real “something isn’t for sale” post.