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A New Year… A Whole Day Down

January 8, 2013


I’ve never really been one to invest in anything but then I tend to not have the money to invest in things. Now that I am an adult and can make my own choices, have a job that pays me reasonably I have given little bits of money when I can for things I like. I don’t do it often unless I’m truly interested in the subject I’ve decided to take the pledge for.

Since joining twitter just over a year ago, I’ve found some of the most interesting people around and one of them has a very humorous and fun original series online called “Whole Day Down.” Tai Fauci has created a unique web series you just have to see. She picked a great ensemble of actors to star in it including Willie Garson (Sex in the City, White Collar), Patrick Breen, and Eliza Donavan (Clueless.) You can catch the first season for Whole Day Down online.

The second season of this series is in need of backers. If you like what you see, Please visit Whole Day Down’s Kickstarter ¬†campaign and help make a new season possible with your donation. Every donation gets a gift so check out the site to see what you can get for backing this unique project.