What’s up with the Blue Girl?

May 7, 2015

Sorry I’ve been quiet.

Not very good at this blogging thing, not that I don’t have anything to say but sometimes I just get too busy with other stuff and then I forget to blog. Bad for business if I’m not getting attention from other places like WordPress but I’m going to make an effort to change those bad habits and write as often as I can even if it’s late at night on this site.

To start out, I have begun to post my art on BoomBoomPrints.com for the past couple of months. No sales yet but I’m still hopeful. Their social media on Twitter tweeted out a new piece I made with sushi. I’ll have to post that here when I get a snapshot. My Zazzle site is still doing well and I’ve bought a lamp with my own design, several wrapped canvases with my photos from NYC and a fleece blanket. All were of good quality. So were the phone cases and throw pillows. I love their stuff!

I’ve been working hard on updating some of my older pieces I never posted before or hadn’t freshened up in a while. Mainly photographing the local flora and fauna around my home and work. Lots of interesting things to see. I found a humming bird nest. The momma came over and sat on some moss in a tree and when I took video and pics of her, upon watching what I had taken, I saw she was on a tiny nest hidden in the moss of a branch on a large oak. She’s so tiny and delicate and the nest isn’t much bigger. Funnily enough she was dancing around me yesterday due to my proximity (I think) to her nest. She just kept flitting around me anxiously I wish I’d been able to take video.

Lots of pics of squirrels, mostly pregnant ones since it’s that time of year everything was nesting, feeding and awaiting babies. Plenty of momma squirrels and momma mockingbirds. I’ve seen one with her fledglings. They were play fighting and following her around my work place as they learned to fly, hunt and be fed by momma. I’ll have the post the pic I got of a momma bird with a worm in her mouth and another with the babies.

Guess that’s it for now.



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