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Software some of you artistic types might be tempted to buy (read first)

September 2, 2012

I admit, I can be really cheap about stuff. I buy quite a few things from the discount resellers like Tuesday Morning, Big Lots and even a horde of dollar type stores. Sometimes I find some really good things for cheap and sometimes I get crap. Sometimes I buy cheaply because I’m too lazy to deal with the full version of something or if it doesn’t work with what I have at home. Mostly it’s just out of curiosity.

In the not too recent past I managed to snag a great copy of Adobe Premier Elements 2.0 from Half Price Books. Greatest buy ever even if it only runs on my 4 yr old net-book. It was worth being able to edit movies from my DVR discs to get rid of ads and such. Finding out I could do such was a Godsend for me. I also use it to get clips for gifs to post to sites. Great buy for $20 bucks when it’s worth at least twice that. So when I tried to load it on my newer Lenovo recently I was told by my PC that it was NOT compatible. Kind of odd a 5 or so year old program isn’t compatible with my new PC while a 10 yr old version of Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (yes I have a version that old) actually runs without an issue on this box. Well I didn’t sweat it but it was annoying. I’ve been too lazy to set up my KVM switch to hook the laptop up to the monitor but I still need to clean up to get a table to get all these things to be near each other and work, so for now, I just deal.

So today I went to Best Buy (Saturday that is) and I randomly bought a package which included both Adobe Photoshop and Premiere 10 Elements in one box for cheap. Notice I used the word “cheap” here. That’s important to note. So I could have just bought Premiere Elements 10 alone but it was $70 by itself so I figured this was a good deal getting them for about $50 each. I get home, load Premiere only up and find that while it’s “cheap” and I saved 40 or so bucks, it is freezing up my machine which normally doesn’t freeze up. Plus it’s nothing like the version I got 5 yrs ago which was easier to use.

Background: My understanding (and tell me if I’m wrong) but isn’t the “Elements” version of Adobe supposed to be

  • 1) for people who can’t use the full version
  • 2) for people who don’t know and have no patience to LEARN the full version
  • 3) for people who don’t want all the crap that comes with the full copy
  • 4) for people who can’t afford the full copy (technically I get the academic discount but choose not to use that at this time)

Ok so getting those items out of the way, and the fact it’s supposed to be “user friendly” this is about the LEAST user friendly software I have ever encountered and I am a big fan of  Adobe. I am always getting people to use / buy their software. I am recommending it to everyone I could because I love it. I can’t say I like this program. Premiere 2.0 was a lovely updated copy of the ancient version. I liked that. It was clear cut and easy to figure out even without much effort. Version 10 is NOT friendly in the least. First off it froze up three times while I tried to upload clips off a DVD which it is supposed to be able to do. The disc is from my DVR so it’s not a professional disc but the old copy on my laptop, while a slower machine, never froze up on me taking media off a disc. So finally I had to just save the VOB files to my desktop and it still acted up but accepted the files.

HINT: DON’T import directly off a disc. I know it’s not my PC because it’s been acting fine up until this moment before I installed THIS software.

And the quality sucks a bit. Not sure what was up but the menu quality is lacking and I put it at high quality and on the editor it looked quite clear. Playing it back afterwards on the PC it looked fuzzy. I’m going to investigate if I can make my own backgrounds for the menu. I have a pet project and a show I like to record so I might make something special for that series to add to the discs. Otherwise the actual show quality seemed ok. It was just the menus were fuzzy so that was disappointing. I don’t have HD yet so that could be part of it.
Comments are welcomed. I want to know if I am the only one who thinks this newer version of this program is not that user friendly when they sell it as something any person off the street could use. That has been my impression of these “Elements” programs. If that’s changed, I’ll shut up on that part. I’m still not happy it’s freezing up. That’s just bad programming on Adobe’s part.



All’s quiet on the Western front.

February 10, 2012

I’ve been trying to be a better blogger and post stuff on here about my shops when there are sales. Work has actually been busy so I don’t have as much time from there and when I get home I have other projects I work on at night so unless it’s a HUGE sale I haven’t been good about posting. Most of the sites seems to be having “flash” sales where they post it at noon (when I’m getting up for work) and say it’s good for the next 4 hours. If I had time to post every sale like that for the four hours etc, I would. Longer sales, I try to post those when I am able.

In other news, made my first REALLY huge sale (or second now that I think about it.) Sold 1000 cards in one sale of one design from my Greeting Card Universe shop. I am so ecstatic! Should have posted sooner since it happened early to middle of January. Made my day definitely to know I’d made such a huge sale. You can see the design here: Blue Girl GCU.

I’ve gotten a new PC so that will help in my output once I get off the writing kick I’m on (fan fiction addict) but long enough to actually draw. I might start doing some more realistic rendered artwork because Daz had Bryce 7 for free so I am willing to try the new copy out. I liked the ancient copy I bought so many years ago 2nd hand and it was fun making scenery and other art in it that was realistic looking. Look fwd to some stuff like that coming your way.

If you know my art, please feel free to contact me about doing custom versions of something already made (some pieces I won’t change but I’m pretty flexible) or new pieces specifically for you or your organization. I’m working on reposting a few older illustrations in larger format and some art I had forgotten I made but is worth sharing.

Ok, then. I guess this is my first real “something isn’t for sale” post.




12 Deals from Zazzle!

December 14, 2009

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Blue Girl Advent Calendar – Days 22 – 25

December 22, 2008

I may be heading out Monday to visit the folks for a good week. Just to finish up the advent calendar and be sure it will be done, here are the last few images. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Asian Winter Vacation (click to view larger):

Blue Girl Fuyu Yasumi

Lighthouse Christmas (click for larger view):

Shining out the Season

Kwanzaa candles (click for larger view):

Kwanzaa 08

Hanukkah Rabbi Bear with Mennorah (click for larger view):

Hanukkah Bear

Till next year…!


Blue Girl Advent Calendar – Day 19

December 18, 2008

I’m posting this early. I’m curious… what time zone is WordPress in? I keep seeing the next day for some posts I know I did in my time before Midnight. Kind of confusing when I got back and it says tomorrow’s date and it wasn’t. 😛

A Patriotic Christmas (Click for Larger View):

A Patriotic Christmas


Please answer me this…

September 26, 2008

Can anyone tell me WHY someone would say the following items do not fit in as representing Year of the Tiger or Year of the Horse?

In association with In association with

Greeting Card Universe never bugged me before but now they do if they think I’m going to stand by and let them tell me these artworks have nothing to do with the Chinese New Year Zodiac, they have another thing coming. I already wrote in the forums at their site and hope I can find out why they decided to reject my entries when they fit the categories of: “Birthdays / Chinese Zodiac” and also “Chinese New Year.” Just feeling seriously irritated by their lack of common sense in this matter.


PS: 09/26/08

Seems my tiger one was messed up when they posted it so it didn’t go through. I had changed all the info but it was messed up and i had to fix it again for the tags and title. 😛  The horse one wasn’t messed up but I added an additional comment to the “artist profile” bit and now both have been accepted.



Orphan works – Should I be worried?

April 14, 2008

Here’s a good link to what this seems to be about: Orphan Works.

It seems this is about your works being stolen should someone try to contact you, can’t and after waiting a reasonable amount of time can claim your work and use it how they wish. Seems unfair to me if this is a new way for people to screw you out of your artworks or other creations. Lucky for me… I haven’t NOT gotten rid of any of my original emails so if someone is honestly trying to contact me about an art work I have listed, they should reasonably be able to get in contact with me. I check all my original and new email accounts atleast once a week or more.

So … fyi!