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Pooping Rainbows…

June 18, 2015

I have a new button in my shop with a unicorn and I was looking at how much it would cost to buy several of these as compared to another site. While investigating this, I found the following shop with Rainbow Pooping Unicorn themes among others: ParadiseCity

Figured it would make a few people smile.

And with 4th of July on the way, here are some of my Patriotic products for your perusal:

Patriotic Heart Tee
Patriotic Heart Tee by elledeegee
Customize a tshirt online at Zazzle.
Before I forget: You can save %15 percent with code ZOUTDOORSFUN on all sales and with that same code 40% off Summer related items.

Virtual Tip Jar has begun…

October 13, 2008

Thank you Krepta for starting the Virtual Tip Jar. *hugs*

If anyone else is interested in getting in on the fun, go to my site and click on the Donate button. It only lets you donate a buck so no worries about making a mistake. Everyone who donates gets put into a raffle for the month. You may win a postcard, button, or anything else I have laying around related to my artwork. Trust me… It won’t disappoint. 😀

If nobody else donates, Krepta will be this month’s winner and get a random print, button or postcard of my artworks mailed to him. Let’s get some competition out there and donate today! You have only 3 more weeks to donate and get in the drawing. 😀



Columbus Day sale at Zazzle!

October 10, 2008

Get 14.92% off for Columbus Weekend only at Zazzle!
Use Code: COLUMBUS2008

(fine print): 14.92% of the net sale price will be deducted when the coupon code COLUMBUS2008 is applied at checkout. For most products, the net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). For Zazzle Custom Stamps, the net sale price is the difference between the price of the Zazzle Custom Stamps (excluding shipping and taxes) and the face value of the postage. Offer is valid from October 10, 2008 through October 13, 2008 at 11:59pm PDT. This promotional offer may not combine with any other Zazzle promotional or discount offers.



Prickie goes on vacation

April 4, 2008

Unfortunately I received an email from today saying they were going to shut down shop for a bit. They’re low on funding, so for now Prickie will become a gallery of badge art. They will not be selling any button badges while they figure out what’s going to happen. I’m hoping they will be able to get funding and come back up as a shop. I guess for now I will have to sell buttons from my zazzle and cafepress shops. *shrugs*

I do still have some buttons from Prickie I bought a while back when I made some cash off Ebay. Spent my earnings on buttons thinking I’d sell them then never had a chance to. 😦 I think I’ve managed to sell two when I used to go to the local Graphic Designer Meetups. Too bad all the local meetups seem to become either inconvenient for me to get to or they end up closing up and disappearing. Just a bad market here in my area for clubs and such that don’t involve something like dogs, cats, divorcee’s or something really bizarre like pagan worship. That’s how it is in a small big city (yes I meant to say that… we’re a big city with a small city mind set.) 😛



Christmas Cheer for sale

November 14, 2007

Christmas Mini Button Badge

Need some “Christmas Cheer” for the coming holidays? I’m selling mini button badges with my own Christmas design on them in small handmade gift boxes. I’ll post pictures soon!

Add fun accents to jackets, backpacks. Mini Buttons are the perfect size for trading and collecting.

  • 1 inch diameter
  • Metal shell
  • Mylar/UV protecting cover
  • Pinned metal back

The cost for a button with the giftbox is $5.00 + 1 dollar shipping and handling (US Only) through paypal. Contact me through my site for details. I only have 10 available at this time.



Places to sell or buy your own artwork…

September 25, 2007

There are a lot of amateur photographers and freelance artists out there, myself included who want to create something fantastic with their images to send to friends, family or even sell. Well I have to say I’ve tried several different free sites and here is a review:

Shutterfly has a pretty good deal if you join they often send you offers to get a free print or poster print for no more than the cost of shipping. When they have these offers I use them to create posters to sell or give as presents. I haven’t tried too many of their other options but I did send away for a free set of personalized notecards once. The cost was minimal and the cards turned out great with my artwork on them. It made me want to buy more even at their regular prices. I was very impressed with their quality. This site is free and I haven’t seen anything that says you have to pay or buy a minimum for your account to remain active.

Snapfish sells postcards for a buck each with the quality being impressive and looking quite professional. I usually send away for a few of these postcards with my own art, images I’ve taken at events or other photos I’ve taken. Their only request is that all free users buy one item a year (doesn’t have to be more than a single print) to keep your account active and free. It’s worth the cost of a single purchase to join their site. They also sell prints at a daily price of 12 $.09 cents. That’s one of the lowest rates you can get prints at. Their print quality is exceptional and very clear even with illustrations.

Dot Photo – Like Shutterfly and Snapfish, share and buy photo gifts with your personal snapshots online. Now they have an option to sell your images to others online for profit.

(Update 2/25/2010) Dot Photo no longer allows you to sell directly through their site as they used to. They also have changed their membership. You have to pay for an account or take advantage of one of their “qualifying” sponsors’ offers to keep a membership.

Photoworks – Like Shutterfly and Snapfish, share and buy photo gifts with your personal snapshots online. Now they have an option to sell your images to others online for profit.

(Update 2/25/2010) No more online shop to sell your items through but still the same offers only now they are a part of the American Greetings family. Most of their offers are for AGC related items with some customizable items that you might find at Shutterfly and Snapfish.

Cafepress is a free site that allows you to make shops for free or pay for a personalized shop. You can upload images or photos to your account and sell them on anything form tees to baby bibs. They have a wonderful assortment of items and occasionally have sales for shopkeepers to buy their own stuff. Helps if you are selling offline or need a great personalized gift. Any money earned will be sent you once it reaches $25 dollars or you can use it to pay for items you buy from your own shop or someone else’s on Cafepress.

Zazzle is another wonderful free site you can upload and sell or buy your art from. They provide you with the space and you fill it with your artwork on notecards, tees, buttons and postcards to name a few. The only downside to Zazzle I found is you have to actually contact their support team to delete items from your shop. Unlike other sites, shopkeepers are not allowed to do any major trimming of products from their shops. The good part is, their prices tend to be fairly low, shopkeepers get an automatic 10% 20% off purchases from their own shops and you get discounts over a certain amt bought. Money you earn can be sent you you through paypal or used to pay for items in the shop you want to buy.

(Update 2/25/2010) Zazzle has updated their site to give sellers 20% off purchases from their shops and you can now delete items if you want to clean out or rearrange your shop. They also have a nice little volume bonus program if you make more than $100 in profits. They also allow sellers to add to their profit. You can make more than 20% but the higher your profit, the higher the item is priced so Zazzle will get their cut aswell.

Other free sites online include:

Imagekind – Buy and sell framed or canvas printed versions of your own or others artworks. Markup your art to make commission and earn 15% from framing, mattes and glazing.

Printfection – Buy and sell tees, cutting boards, aprons and other items with your design. Set your own commission.

Lollypins – A site similar to Prickie where you can sell you art on button badges. You earn $.30 cents per button sold and retain your copyrights. You can quit at any time and they give you your own store front. I’m a member but I haven’t sold anything there yet. I only have a few buttons at the moment.

** Fotolia – Sell your art as stock art. Earnings vary by level or exclusivity of your art on Fotolia. Most stock art sells for a buck an earns you 33 cents on every sale.

(updated 4/2008) Fotolia now requires “all” sellers to send both their SS# AND a scan of your government issued ID (aka Drivers’ Licence in the US.) If you don’t mind such draconian tactics to sell (they say it’s to know their sellers better and to stop fraud / theft) then give it a shot.
(Update 2/25/2010) I gave in a while back and let them have my ID but I couldn’t add the images I had deleted so I haven’t added much to my store there. They’ve also become more picky about what they will or won’t add to the site and have since allowed the uploading of Flash and Video files.

Deviant Art – If you have an artist account, you can sell prints, coasters, calendars and more. Free accounts only provide about 10% profit of every sale. If you get a premium acct, you can make more money off your sales.

** Prickie Button Badges – Sell your artwork on 1 inch buttons. Commission tends to be around $.75 cents per $3 dollar button but can be higher if you adjust your prices.

(updated 4/2008) Prickie is in temporary gallery mode till they find funding.
(Update 2/25/2010) Prickie was bought out by a German button manufacturer. I’m not sure if I am even making any money off the site anymore or if any other sellers are. There isn’t much info on the site other than that they are a wholesaler of button badges. Site is mostly in English once you get the new owner’s website. I can’t find a contact person to ask about my account.

I guess that’s all for now. If you have questions about any of the sites listed, feel free to ask. I’ve been at most sites long enough to say how well they are traffic and profit-wise.