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My Threadless Pencil Bag (Dino Roar) Please Vote!

October 2, 2012

I’m working on Threadless designs hoping for a win!
Please help me out by voting on my designs. Thanks!

Score this design: “Dino Roar Pencil Case,” to help it get printed on Threadless!


$5 dollars off shirts @ Zazzle!

October 27, 2010

Five Bucks off Shirts!

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Blue Girl zazzle tees

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Art rage (this is not a rant!) ;P

October 26, 2007

Japanese Pagoda 2007

No this is not the rage felt by a passionate artist upon finding their nearly finished work of art has been destroyed by a careless child, guest, pet etc etc…

Instead, this is the name of a shareware program you can use for free or buy called “Art Rage.” It’s actually very reminescent of Painter classic. I heard about this program again and went to their site and downloaded the shareware version. It’s very versatile and easy to use. I really like the feel that you are painting or using pastels or even air brushing. It’s a good little program to draw or doodle in. 😀

Lobster Luv






So these are some examples I did tonight in Artrage. If you want to see a larger view, check out my photobucket page.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for looking. 😀