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New Art Contest online…

April 17, 2008

I don’t think this qualifies as a real art contest, I think it’s more of a promotional site that pays for quality artworks.

Comozo Art Contest asks for illustrators and artists to send in their designs. Once received they judge either through the site (or other means) how popular a piece is and then award the chosen a limited print edition contract (200 in the edition) to print said artwork as a high quality canvas giclée prints. Chosen artist receives a set of 200 “certificates of authenticity” to sign and return for said artwork.

Sounds like a pretty good deal in my opinion and they seem to pay pretty well up to US  $4600 or $3000 Euros. It’s a European site, I think french from the sound of it, and seems to be all and all legit. Heck who wouldn’t mind making up to that kind of cash from a sale of 200 limited edition prints?!? I know I wouldn’t mind much.