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Other Artists…

January 23, 2009

I feel I should do my patriotic duty as an artist and promote OTHER artists I like or admire. I’m going to start with a few faves I have from

Exotic Elephant - Blue cardRISING SUN print
Exotic Elephant – Blue by creativetaylor
RISING SUN by akinolaude

Bird on Cherry Blossom Branch sticker
Bird on Cherry Blossom Branch
by kristenlhenschen

White Sakuras Chinese Wedding / Invitation Card card
White Sakuras Chinese Wedding / Invitation Card
by fat_fa_tin

stainedglass dragonfly mousepad
stainedglass dragonfly by Wisteriafaerie

This is just a small taste of all the beautiful art and artists you can find on’s site.



Haru no Onna – The Spring Maiden

April 1, 2008

Here is a pretty good example of what I can do when I’m bored enough and play with photoshop:


This was prepped by me removing the background by hand. I really need to find how to use more shortcuts and such. At this point the image is ready to be manipulated but only the bare minimum has been done by removing the background.


After some work and probably a good hour or so of work, this is the end result. It’s nowhere near perfect but it’s 100% better than what I had and much brighter colorwise. I even added the background as if she were outside along with some layered shadows. Makes me think of a shadowbox or something.

This item is for sale as the final product at my Deviantart and Zazzle shops.