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The Year of the Ox is nie!

February 4, 2009

Yup… the momentum from last year (starting around October) seems to be picking on up and rolling faster than ever! I’m still doing very well in the sales dept for Zazzle (thank you everyone!!! *hugs*) And it’s my year since my Chinese sign is the Ox / Cow. 😀

I’m feeling really creative lately and have been able to throw out lots of new and cute designs for the upcoming holidays (Valentines’ Day especially A.T.M.)

There are new sales at Zazzle, including 50% off Business Cards till the end of February! If you’re interested in help making personalized cards, feel free to contact me through my website. Click below for more info about the sale:

My allergies have been the worse ever in a long while but I am amazing still able to think straight enough to get some good illustrations cranked out. I was even able to come up with a brand new design when one of our new part-timers at work asked me how the heck I come up with ideas / draw a design. Amazingly while randomly showing her my process I got a new cute design. 😀 I’ll post it once Zazzle has updated their product view for my store.

Other than that… as much as I’m liking the cool weather, and we haven’t had much in the way of ice or snow or whatnot, I’m still hoping Mother Nature will finally decide if she’s going to continue yo-yoing between cold and hot or just choose one. I’d prefer the cool over the hot if possible. Texas is way too hot as it is most of the year and coolness (60 degree range) isn’t half bad. 😀

That’s it for now!



I’ve been publish… sort of

April 13, 2008

Check this out: Schmaps Guide Online.

Someone contacted me through Flickr that they liked my photo so I checked out the site. Looks legit enough so I went ahead and let them use it.

I’m also tempted to try another site I found that sends books to children in countries who are trying to learn English. All illustrations are contributed freely and there is no profit made. All non-profit. I think I could do it but I have to see what they have available. 😀

Other than that… nothing much new on the art scene. I’ve been adding a few new things to sites here and there.



Christmas Stuff for Sale!!!!

November 16, 2007

Original Art for sale by Elledeegee.
Get Some While it’s Hot!

This is just a small example of my artwork for sale.
Feel free to ask me for personalized items or other artworks I have available.

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Blue Girl Postings

September 25, 2007

Welp, this is my first post. This will be where I post all news about my art and artistic endeavors. I will refrain from ranting and raving unless it deals with art.

I will also be listing winners from the virtual tip jar drawings here. I’ll keep it up as long as I have interest from the community in my artworks. If you aren’t lucky enough to win a button from the drawing, you can always check out my artworks for sale at the Blue Girl Mercado or contact me directly for customized items and artworks. I’m open for commissions.

I’ll be at the Winestyles on Huebner next month for the Artist meetup ( here in town. I bought some new things from Cafepress to sell and I hope to be a little more prepared this time to sell my wares. I have a few prints and other items like coaster tiles and such I’d love to sell. So if you are in the area, remember to come by and look at all the beautiful paintings and other items for sale by the Artist meetup group.

More news to come soon!